Come and tour our farm and visit "The Shed"  our farm store filled to the brim with fabulous and unique items .  There is something for everyone on your list! Alpaca items, wool items, teddy bears, yarns  from our own alpacas.  We look forward to meeting you!

Each year we celebrate our farm and hold Open Farm Weekends. First is   annual celebration of Barrington Farm day
This is held in July  and National Alpaca Day Weekend,   in September
On those weekends we open our doors to you and invite you to come and join us!

Meet our Alpacas & goats 
We  have products made from both the alpacas and the goats. Our store is filled with items for the whole family.

Come and feel alpaca fleece and see why everyone loves alpaca!

Previous Events

In cooperation with our friends we have been the host of several of the country's most accomplished events. In May of 2007 we had the unique opportunity to host a  hands on neonatal seminar, with Dr Larue Johnson. This was an educational time for all of us. Alpaca breeders came from all over the country to learn more about these precious animals and their reproductive behaviors and birthing and delivery.

Next in the summer of 2007, we again had one of the largest training clinics ever held anywhere!
We were honored to host Marty McGgee Bennett herself! This clinic focused on the TTEAM  approach to alpaca handling and Marty's trademark Cameldynamics. This two day long training clinic was attended by nearly 60 eager to learn, alpaca and llama enthusiast! It was a fun time for all. 

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